Scope Resources and Actions Using this Scope Scope allows a user to:
org:locations:read List Locations, List Offer Locations, Retrieve Location View all Locations, view all Locations for a specific Offer, and view a specific Location.
org:locations:write Create Location, Replace Location, Update Location, Assign Locations to an Offer Create a new Location, edit existing Locations, and assign specific Locations to a specific Offer.
org:loyalty_events:read Retrieve Loyalty Event View a specific Loyalty Event.
org:loyalty_events:write Create Loyalty Events Create a new Loyalty Event.
org:marketing_contents:read List Marketing Contents, Retrieve Marketing Content, List Offer Marketing Contents, List Reward Marketing Contents View all Marketing Contents, view a specific Marketing Content, view all Marketing Contents for a specific Offer, and view all Marketing Contents for a specific Reward.
org:marketing_contents:write Create Marketing Content, Update Marketing Content, Update Marketing Contents Subject Relationship Create a new Marketing Content, edit an existing Marketing Content, and change the subject to which the Marketing Content belongs.
org:membership_offers:delete Deactivate Membership Offer Deactivate an Offer for a specific Membership.
org:membership_offers:read List Membership Offers View all Offers for a specific Membership.
org:membership_offers:write Activate Membership Offer Activate an Offer for a specific Membership.
org:membership_point_changes:read List Membership Point Changes, Retrieve Membership Point Change View all Point Changes for a specific Membership and view a specific Membership Point Change.
org:membership_rewards:read List Membership Rewards View all Rewards for a specific Membership.
org:memberships:initialize_password Set Membership's Initial Password Set a Membership's initial password, via an update to the Membership, when no password has been set.
org:memberships:migrate_chain Update Memberships Chain Assignment Update the Chain to which a Membership is assigned.
org:memberships:read List Memberships, Retrieve Membership, Retrieve F&C Profile View all Memberships and view a specific Membership. View a specific Fuel & Convenience Profile.
org:memberships:write Create Membership, Replace Membership, Update Membership, Assign Membership to Segments, Remove Membership from Segments, Create F&C Profile, Replace F&C Profile, Update F&C Profile Create a new Membership, edit an existing Membership, assign a specific Membership to many Segments, remove a specific Membership from many Segments. Create, edit a Fuel and Convenience Profile.
org:offers_components:read List Offer Audiences, Retrieve Audience, List Offer Constraints, Retrieve Constraint, List Offer Earning Mechanism, Retrieve Earning Mechanism, List Offer Locations, List Offer Limits, Retrieve Limit, List Offer Marketing Contents View all Audiences associated with a specific Offer, view a specific Audience, view all Constraints associated with a specific Offer, view a specific Constraint, view the Earning Mechanism associated with a specific Offer, view a specific Earning Mechanism, view all Locations for a specific Offer, view all Limits associated with a specific Offer, view a specific Limit, and view all Marketing Contents for a specific Offer.
org:offers_components:write Create Audience, Update Audience, Create Constraint, Update Constraint, Create Earning Mechanism, Update Earning Mechanism, Create Limit, Update Limit Create a new Audience, update an existing Audience, create a new Constraint, update an existing Constraint, create a new Earning Mechanism, update an existing Earning Mechanism, create a new Limit, and update an existing Limit.
org:offers:delete Discontinue Offer Delete a specific Offer.
org:offers:read List Offers, Retrieve Offer View all Offers and view a specific Offer.
org:offers:write Create Offer, Update Offer, Assign Locations to an Offer Create a new Offer, edit an existing Offer, and assign specific Locations to a specific Offer.
org:password_reset Initiate Password Reset, Validate Password Reset, Execute Password Reset Start the password reset flow for a Membership, verify password reset token value, and update the password for a Membership.
org:product_groups:read List Product Groups, Retrieve Product Group View all Product Groups and view a specific Product Group.
org:product_groups:write Create Product Group, Update Product Group Create a new Product Group and edit an existing Product Group.
org:redemptions:delete Cancel Redemption Cancel a Redemption for a Membership.
org:redemptions:read List Redemptions, Retrieve Redemption View all Redemptions and view a specific Redemption.
org:redemptions:write Create Redemption Create a new Redemption.
org:rewards:delete Discontinue Reward Delete a Reward.
org:rewards:read List Rewards, Retrieve Reward View all Rewards and view a specific Reward.
org:rewards:write Create Reward, Update Reward, Add Required Reward Segment, Removed Required Reward Segments Create a new Reward, update an existing Reward, add Segments to a specific Reward, and removes Segments from a specific Reward.
org:segments:read List Segments, Retrieve Segment View all Segments and view a specific Segment.
org:segments:write Create Segment, Update Segment, Add Members to a Segment, Remove Members from a Segment Create a new Segment, update an existing Segment, assign many Memberships to a specific Segment, remove many Memberships from a specific Segment.
org:transactions:read List Transactions, Retrieve Transaction View all Transactions and view a specific Transaction.
org:transactions:write Create Transaction Create a new Transaction.